100 Tính từ chỉ tính tiêu cực

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 Điều này thường đúng, nhưng hãy nhớ rằng có thể có ngoại lệ. Ví dụ, đối với một cảnh sát, "aggressive" có thể là một đặc điểm tiêu cực trong khi đối với một võ sĩ, nó thực sự có thể thuộc về những tính từ tích cực .

aggressive finicky jealous
aloof flirtatious lazy
arrogant foolish Machiavellian
belligerent foolhardy materialistic
big-headed fussy mean
bitchy greedy miserly
boastful grumpy moody
bone-idle gullible narrow-minded
boring harsh nasty
bossy impatient naughty
callous impolite nervous
cantankerous impulsive obsessive
careless inconsiderate obstinate
changeable inconsistent overcritical
clinging indecisive overemotional
compulsive indiscreet parsimonious
cowardly inflexible patronizing
cruel interfering perverse
cunning intolerant pessimistic
cynical irresponsible pompous
deceitful quarrelsome possessive
detached quick-tempered pusillanimous
dishonest resentful self-indulgent
dogmatic rude silly
domineering ruthless sneaky
tactless sarcastic stingy
timid secretive stubborn
touchy selfish stupid
thoughtless self-centred superficial
truculent unkind vague
untidy unpredictable vain
untrustworthy unreliable vengeful
  weak-willed vulgar

Câu đố về tính từ tính cách phủ định

1. Which word is closest in meaning to "impolite"?
 vulgar     nasty        rude
2. Which word is closest in meaning to "thoughtless"?
 inconsiderate        indecisive        stupid
3. Which word is closest in meaning to "stubborn"?
 obstinate      weak-willed       aggressive
4. Which word is closest in meaning to "bossy"?
 grumpy         domineering         unkind
5. If you don't care about the needs or feelings of others, you're a _______ person.
 greedy          self-indulgent       selfish
6. If someone isn't brave enough to face danger or take a risk, they're _______ .
 cowardly        nervous           touchy
7. If you're speaking down to someone because you think you're smarter or better than they are, you're being _______ .
 overcritical           patronizing           boastful
8. People who won't listen to new ideas or alternative viewpoints are said to be _______ .
 big-headed         narrow-minded           self-centred
9. Which word is closest in meaning to "dishonest"?
 cunning         unreliable       untrustworthy
10. If your main goal in life is to make money and collect possessions, you're a _______ person.
 materialistic          possessive     compulsive
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