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Từ đồng nghĩa Went 

Ý nghĩa của Went: Từ Went  là thì quá khứ của từ “GO” ở dạng động từ của nó.

I went to the store yesterday so that I would not have to make two trips today.
Tôi đã đến cửa hàng ngày hôm qua để không phải thực hiện hai chuyến đi ngày hôm nay.
Bob went with me to the movie and we both enjoyed the experience a lot.
Bob đã cùng tôi đi xem phim và cả hai chúng tôi đều rất thích trải nghiệm này.
The cat went nervously across the road after almost being hit by a car on its first attempt.
Con mèo lo lắng băng qua đường sau khi suýt bị một chiếc ô tô đâm vào trong lần thử đầu tiên.

Các từ khác cho "Went"

Advanced Dashed Floated Tore
Ambled Departed Followed Tottered
Ascended Dove Gadded Toured
Barreled Dragged Hastened Trailed
Beat it Drifted Moseyed Trudged
Bolted Drove Neared Tumbled
Boogied Eluded Negotiated Vaulted
Burst Entered Nosed Veered
Climbed Escaped Rocketed Ventured
Crawled Evaded Rode Traveled
Crept Exited Rose Trekked
Crowded Faded Slid Tripped
Cruised Fell Slunk Hiked
Danced Fled Slipped Hopped
Darted Flew Stomped Hurdled
Jerked Flipped Strayed Hurried
Jetted Flitted Strode Advanced
Plodded Leapt Strolled Ambled
Pounced Left Toddled Ascended
Proceeded Quitted Budged Abandoned
Glided Raced Bury Access
Walked Rambled Bust Accorded
Scaled Spurted Check Accuse
Scooted Wended Chill Actuated
Scrabbled Whisked Chimed Agreed
Scudded Withdrew Circuited Appear
Scurried Wormed Circumvent Arrive
Scuttled Slogged Come Avoid
Shot Zoomed Commence Become
Skated Zipped Complete Beget
Skidded Dissolved Concerned Begin
Jogged Down Contain Blow
Journeyed Embarked Continue Bore
Jumped Encase Correlated Bounce
Knifed Enclose Corresponded Break
Fitted Endure Coursed Jaunted
Flap Engender Cruised Journey
Fled Engulf Decamped Jump
Flew Entomb Depart Junketed
Flied Envelop Departed Kill
Float Envelope Disappear Knock
Flowed Escape Disappeared Leap
Follow Evade Passed away Leave
Goes to Evanesced Peregrinated Left
Going to Evaporated Proceed Make
Gone Exceed Proceeded Matched
Happen Existed Processed Meet
Harmonized Exit Provide Melted
Have Exited Pull Move
Hid Expire Quit Moved
Hidden Faded Rambled Occur
Hire Fared Ran Orbit
Hop Father Ranged Output
Hopped Fire Reach Overcome
Inhered Roved Referred Overtake
Involve Sailed Regarded Overturn
Submit Sank Release Pack
Suited Seat Relocated Parted
Sunk Set Repaired Passed
Surpass Shell Resided Traversed
Surrender Shift Return Trekked
Surround Shifted Roamed Utilize
Swaddle Shirk Transited Vanished
Swung Shoot Travel Vested
Take Sidestep Travelled Visit
Touched Sightsaw Stirred Voyaged
Toured Skip Stroke Walked
Transcend Smooth Withdrawn Wandered
Transfer Spawn Withdrew Wended
Transform Start Wrap Went off

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Từ đồng nghĩa với “Went” với các ví dụ

The plane ascended rapidly.
Máy bay bay  lên  nhanh chóng.
She barreled down the street.
Cô  nòng  xuống các đường phố.
She bolted out of the room in a rage.
Cô ấy  lao  ra khỏi phòng trong cơn giận dữ.
Taxis cruised the streets, looking for fares.
Taxi  chạy  trên đường phố, tìm kiếm giá vé s.
A mouse darted out of the closet and ran across the room.
Một con chuột  lao  ra khỏi tủ và chạy khắp phòng.
The weak old woman dragged along slowly.
Bà cụ già yếu  lê từng bước  chậm rãi.
They jogged steadily up the hill.
Họ  chạy bộ  đều đặn lên đồi.
He wended his way to the riverside.
Ông  wended  đường đến bờ sông.
Water spurted out of the hole.
Nước  trào ra khỏi lỗ.
Despite the rain, they slogged on for another six miles.
Mặc dù trời mưa, họ  slogged  về thêm sáu dặm.
The procession wended its way through the streets.
Đám rước  wended  cách của mình thông qua các đường phố.
The back wheels spun and the van spurted up the last few feet.
 Bánh sau quay và van  spurted  lên vài bước chân cuối cùng.
Thân Ái !