190 từ đồng nghĩa Good tốt hơn bạn nghĩ?

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Định nghĩa Good và ví dụ

Ý nghĩa Good: Một kết quả tốt đẹp hoặc trạng thái tích cực của công việc. Nó cũng là một thuật ngữ để truyền đạt những lời khen ngợi và đánh giá cao hoặc mô tả hạnh phúc. Nó cũng có thể được sử dụng như một tính từ để mô tả bản chất của một người hoặc tình trạng chung của một cái gì đó có thể chấp nhận được.
“There’s as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it.”
"Có những con cá tốt trên biển như từng xuất hiện từ nó."
“We know not what is good until we have lost it.”
"Chúng tôi không biết điều gì là tốt cho đến khi chúng tôi đánh mất nó."
“It was a good thing that the home team was able to win the final match yesterday.”
“Thật tốt khi đội nhà đã có thể giành chiến thắng trong trận đấu cuối cùng ngày hôm qua.”
190 từ đồng nghĩa Good

Từ đồng nghĩa được sử dụng rộng rãi cho "Good". 

Wonderful Outstanding Gentle
First-rate Magnificent Thoughtful
Fabulous Beyond belief Admirable
Superior Marvellous Incomparable
Superb Breathtaking Profitable
Super Astonishing Attractive
Brilliant Remarkable Distinctive
Awesome Agreeable Laudable
Excellent Congenial Satisfying
Tremendous Humanitarian Reputable
Inspirational Considerate Invaluable
Lovely Beneficent Propitious
Grand Courteous Desirable
Exceptional Gracious Keen
Terrific Benevolent Priceless
Exciting Decent Valuable
Delightful Mannerly Worthy
Dazzling Disinterested Supreme
Impressive Nice Innocent
Special Friendly Trustworthy
Incredible Obliging Commendable
Guiltless Advantageous Irreproachable
Perfect Affable Faithful
Honest Agreeable Moral
Praiseworthy All right Faultless
Honorable Alright Noble
Principled Amazing Capable
Impeccable Amiable Charitable
Righteous Appropriate Charming
Virtuous Attractive Choice
Spotless Awesome Clean
Wholesome Beautiful Clever
Incorruptible Beneficent Comfortable
Delicious Beneficial Commendable
Delighted Benevolent Compassionate
Delightful Benign Competent
Dependable Benignant Complete
Desirable Best Congenial
Dexterous Better Considerable
Effective Bonny Considerate
Enhanced Boon Convenient
Enjoyable Brilliant Cool
Enough Extraordinary Cordial
Estimable Fabulous Correct
Ethical Fair Cute
Evil Fantastic Dear
Excellent Favorable Decent
Expert Felicitous Delectable
Exquisite Fine Happy
Gentle Finest Healthy
Genuine First-class Helpful
Glad First-rate High
Good-looking Flawless Honest
Goodly Fortunate Honorable
Good-natured Fresh Humane
Gorgeous Friendly Ideal
Gracious Further Improved
Grand Generous Incredible
Grateful Genial Just
Gratifying Major Kind
Great Marvelous Kindhearted
Greater Moral Kindly
Greatest Next Large
Handsome Nice Long
Handy Nicer Lovely
Pleased Noble Lucky
Pleasing Not bad Magnificent
Pleasurable Okay Relevant
Poor Outstanding Reliable
Poorly Palatable Respectable
Positive Perfect Right
Pretty Pleasant Righteous
Principled Successful Safe
Proficient Sufficient Salubrious
Profitable Suitable Salutary
Proper Superb Satisfactory
Pure Superior Satisfying
Quality Supportive Sick
Quite Sure Significant
Rather Sweet Skilled
Real Sympathetic Skillful
Reasonable Tasty Smart
Valid Terrible Solid
Valuable Terrific Sound
Virtuous Trustworthy Splendid
Welcome Understanding Straight
Well Upright Strong
Well-disposed Upstanding Substantial
Wholesome Useful Worthy
Wonderful Worthwhile Yummy

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Từ đồng nghĩa “Good” với Câu ví dụ

For example: She speaks excellent French.
We went to a tremendous party.
For example: The VW Passat has an amazing safety record.
You look totally awesome in that dress.
For example: We had a wonderful time last night.
Her mother was a brilliant scientist.
For example: Please try to be pleasant to our guests.
They dished up a superb meal.
For example: It’s marvellous what modern technology can do.
You’re a very superior young woman.
For example: Richard is an exceptional student.
This is a fabulous album. It’s fresh, varied, fun.
For example: The weather was absolutely fantastic.
He has the makings of a first-rate lawyer.
For example: We had a super time in Italy.
He is an extremely pleasant and obliging man.
For example: That was an outstanding performance!
He was friendly in a funny sort of way.
For example: You look terrific in that dress.
He’s a nice guy when he’s sober.
For example: We’ve all had a splendid time.
She was a very gracious lady.
For example: The opera was quite stupendous!
He was a kind and courteous man.
The new houses have been built with astonishing speed.
I think he’s the most charming, most considerate man I’ve ever known.
It was a remarkable achievement for such a young player.
Looking back, the heartland was a congenial place to nail down the business.
It was a most agreeable evening.
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