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Các bạn thấy hay, phù hợp với mình hãy cho mình 1 like, 1 đăng ký kênh các bạn nhé. 

Dưới đây là 80 câu hỏi về ngữ pháp tiếng anh có đáp án cho bạn đối chiếu trực tiếp. Lưu ý: những cụm từ được gạch chân là đáp án đúng của câu hỏi.
1. Grammatical category is related to
 word indexation     word agreement       calligraphic form
2. I might want ________ some money soon.
 to borrow     borrowing     to borrow/borrowing
3. Possessive is a value of the grammatical category called
 number         case                gender
4. We can't afford ________ a vacation this summer.
 to take       taking       to take/taking
5. The grammatical category "person" is a property of pronouns and has _____ values.
 one              two            three
6. Would you mind ________ a window?
 to open        opening         to open/opening
7. Continuous and perfect are examples of the grammatical category known as
 tense          mood           aspect
8. She cannot leave the table without ________ her dinner.
 to finish        finishing       to finish/finishing
9. "Voice" is a grammatical category affecting
 transitive verbs           intransitive verbs       all verbs
10. My little brother dislikes ________ his hair brushed.
 to have       having         to have/having
11. We like ________ our grandmother on Sundays.
 to visit     visiting      to visit/visiting
12. Only _____ can be affected by the grammatical category known as "number".
 nouns          adverbs             adjectives
13. My father hates ________ a tie to work.
 to wear       wearing      to wear/wearing
14. Modern English uses _____ gender.
 grammatical        political        natural
15. The company was pleased ________ your thank-you letter.
 to receive        receiving      to receive/receiving
16. "Tense" is a grammatical category that applies to
 verbs           adverbs        adjectives
17. My suitcase is light enough ________ this time.
 to carry       carrying        to carry/carrying
18. The subjunctive "mood" expresses __________ .
 a statement of fact         unreality    something desired
19. The music will continue ________ until you turn it off.
 to play        playing     to play/playing
20. _________ can be affected by the grammatical category known as "degree".
 gradable adverbs         non-gradable adverbs        all adjectives
21. Can you swim?
 In a pool   Yes, I can   Very good
22. He said that it was cold outside. Which word is optional?
 said      that      was
23. Has your class finished?
 Yes, it has   In five minutes   It's English
24. "Where is it?" said Mary. She
 said where it is      asked where it was        asked if it was there
25. Who did you visit?
 I visit my mother   Yes, I did   I visited Judy
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26. Ram asked me where I worked. His original words were
 "Do you work there?"    "Where do I work?"    "Where do you work?"
27. When will Lucy arrive?
 At 7 PM   No, she won't    From France
28. "Please wipe your feet." I asked them to wipe
 your feet nicely      their feet nicely       their feet
29. Do you want to watch a movie?
 At the cinema   Yes, I watched it   No, I don't
30. Which structure is not used for reported orders?
 order somebody to     tell somebody to    ask somebody to
31. Which is a reporting verb?
 tell  go    be
32. Did he go to work or to school?
 To work    No, he doesn't   At 3:00 PM
33. "I bought a car last week." Last week he said he had bought a car
 a week ago         next week        the week before
34. Where is my pen?
 Because it's lost    On the table   No, you didn't
35. Which of these is usually required with reported YES/NO questions?
 if      do       why
36. Shall we go to your place or mine?
 My place    It is yours    Yes, we shall
37. "Don't yell!" is a
 direct request         direct order       reported order
38. Who called here so late?
 It's midnight   It was Ryan   Yes, I called
39. She always asks me not to burn the cookies. She always says
 "Not to burn the cookies!"  "Please don't burn the cookies."   "Do not burn the cookies."
40. Have you done the laundry?
 Yes, I do   On Wednesdays   No, I haven't
41. It is essential that she _____ at the meeting.
 be   is
42. You do go to school, ________
 do you?    aren't you?    don't you?
43. It is necessary that every student _____ a uniform.
 wear   wears
44. We won't be late, ________
 won't we?   will we?    are we?
45. The doctors recommended that she _____ a holiday.
 take   takes
46. They will wash the car, ________
 will it?    won't they?    wouldn't they?
47. If he _____ feeling better we would go.
 were   was
48. I'm right, ________
 amn't I?    am not I?    aren't I?
49. The landlord requested that John _____ out of the apartment.
 move   moves
50. You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, ________
 did you?   would you?    won't you?
51. He's still sleeping, ________
 is not he?    isn't he?    wasn't he?
52. If I _____ you I would call her tonight.
 was   were
53. Let's go for a walk, ________
 shall we?    shan't we?   will we?
54. I hope that he _____ his homework on time.
 finish    finishes
55. Nobody called, ________
 do they?   didn't they?    did they?
56. The boss asks that you _____ early for your first day of work.
 are   be
57. We must lock the doors, ________
 mustn't they?    shouldn't we?    mustn't we?
58. It is important that we _____ home as soon as we arrive.
 call   called
59. So you bought a car, ________
 did you?     haven't you?    weren't you?
60. We want the windows _____ washed before Friday.
 be    to be
61. There ______ a red car parked in our driveway.
 is       are
62. In the active voice, the action is done by
 the subject before the verb  the object after the verb
63. There ______ many options to pick from.
 is        are
64. In which sentence is "fast" an adjective?
 He’s a fast runner.      He can run fast.
65. There ______ a lot of errors on this page.
 is        are
66. In which sentence is "fast" an adverb?
 He’s got a fast car.         He drives fast.
67. There ______ any wine left.
 isn't      aren't
69. Sorry, Dad. _____ nothing left.
 There's         There isn't
70. Help yourself. _____ coffee, tea and juice to drink.
 There's       There are
71. Which sentence is in the active voice?
 John wrote the song.  The song was written by John.
72. There ______ six eggs in the fridge.
 is     are
73. Adjectives are words that describe
 verbs or adverbs      nouns or pronouns
74. There ______ a euro and ten cents on the counter.
 is        are
75. An adverb is a word that can modify
 nouns        verbs
76. There ______ a load of laundry to do.
 is        are
77. Which of these articles is an indefinite article?
 a  the
78. I'm hungry. _____ there any apples in your backpack?
 Is          Are
78. Which sentence contains a definite article?
 We saw a movie.       The movie was great.
79. An auxiliary verb is used with
 a proper noun       a main verb
80. In the question "Did you win?", which is the auxiliary verb?
 Did        win

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