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1. The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be
 a large letter      a capital letter
2. Every sentence must have a subject and
 a verb              an object
3. A plural subject needs
 a singular verb      a plural verb
4. The order of a basic positive sentence is
 Subject-Verb-Object  Verb-Object-Subject
5. When two singular subjects are connected by or, use
 a singular verb      a plural verb
6. If an opinion-adjective and a fact-adjective are used before a noun, which comes first?
 a fact-adjective      an opinion-adjective
7. Adjectives usually come
 before a noun      after a noun
8. In British English, a collective noun is usually treated as
 singular              plural
9. Which is correct?
 You're looking good     Your looking good
10. The terms "its" and "it's" have
 the same meaning       different meanings
11. I ate a piece of chocolate cake.
 active            passive
12. The money was stolen.
 active             passive
13. The librarian read the book to the students.
 active            passive
14. They are paid on Fridays.
 active           passive
15. I washed my car three weeks ago.
 active           passive
16. The movie is being made in Hollywood.
 active           passive
17. His hair was cut by a professional.
 active           passive
18. It would have been fixed at the weekend.
 active          passive
19. I will introduce you to my boss this week.
 active          passive
20. The national anthem is being sung by Jason this time.
 active          passive
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21. What would you do if it ________ on your wedding day?
 rained           will rain             would rain
22. Our neighbour used _____ a pipe.
 smoking       to smoking     to smoke
23. If she comes, I _____ call you.
 will             would                would have
24. What will you do if you ________ the history exam?
 would fail                will fail                      fail
25. My teacher said my essay needs ________ by tomorrow.
 correcting      to correct        corrected
26. If it snows, ________ still drive to the coast?
 will you                 would you                 would you have
27. I used ________ that television show all the time.
 watching     to watch     watching/to watch
28. "He would have gone with you if you had asked him." Which conditional is this?
 first                        second                    third
29. "If I forget her birthday, Andrea gets upset." Which conditional is this?
 zero                     first                        second
30. "What will she do if she misses the bus?" Which conditional is this?
 first                      second                  third
31. We started ________ dinner without you.
 eating    to eat       eating/to eat
32. How long is it _____ you visited your grandparents?
 for           since
33. We have been dating _____ a long time.
 for           since
34. That lady has been waiting for the bus _____ noon.
 for           since
35. I studied for this test _____ three days straight.
 for           since
36. I have been calling you _____ half-an-hour.
for           since
37. My family has lived here _____ last March.
 for           since
38. She has worked there _____ she finished college.
 for           since
39. Lisa and Jill have been at the library _____ a long time.
 for           since
40. My grandparents walk _____ twenty minutes a day.
 for           since
41. My teacher has been sick _____ last Monday.
 for           since
42. I dislike ________ to the movies by myself.
 going      to go       going/to go
43. I can't imagine ________ my own house.
 buying     to buy     buying/to buy
44. "If I won a million dollars, I would buy my own airplane." Which conditional is this?
 zero                       first                       second
45. I always eat breakfast before ________ to school.
 going        to go       going/to go
46. If they had not _____ the car, I would have driven you.
 take                        taken                        would take
47. When do you practise ________ the piano?
 playing      to play     playing/to play
48. My grandmother prefers ________ science fiction books.
 reading        to read        reading/to read
49. I am used ________ her in a bad mood.
 to seeing      to see        seeing
50. If I eat peanut butter, I ________ sick.
 would have gotten              would get              get

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